How to Write a Sexy, Attention-Grabbing Adult Dating Profile in One Sentence

You are now ready to have your fantasies fulfilled, and the only thing that stands in your way is creating a sexy, adult dating profile.  Online dating is the greatest way to meet dozens of singles that have the same personal sexual escapades as you do.  However, many people, new to the world of online dating, become intimated by having to write an adult profile.

Your adult profile is the first thing other hot adult singles see when visiting an adult chat site.  To ensure that your adult profile is a sure-fire hit, here are the dos and don’ts of writing a sexy, attention-grabbing adult profile.

To create an attention-grabbing, sexy adult dating profile, you will need to fire up someone’s imagination with both mystery and honesty.  First impressions are the last impressions, and without a sassy headline, you will never have a chance to even make that impression.

What Not to Do

When you are writing an adult profile for an online dating site, you should never use cliché expressions. Using a cliché expression - such as “Are you the one?” - will cause other daters to click the other way in attempts to get away from your profile.  The only thing this type of headline does for you is demonstrate to others that you are boring.

Another rule to follow is to never write an adult profile the same way you would a personal advertisement.  For example, a personal ad may read “SWM GSH 35-yr old looking for Friday night fun”. This adult profile describes millions of daters. You want to describe yourself, not everyone else.

Remember an adult profile should grab someone’s attention and make them desire to learn more about you. The easiest way to captivate another single’s attention is the opening line.

Opening Lines that Should Never be Used

There are certainly opening lines are much better than others. You may not be a writer, but you can still compose a creative, unique, and fresh opening line. The opening line is one of the most important parts of your adult dating profile because this is the first thing that other singles see.

Here is a few of the worst opening lines:

“Single and looking”

“Hi, there”

“Here to meet new people”

“Are you my knight in shining armour?”

These are uninteresting, unimaginative opening minds that will not spark anyone’s interest. When you are writing an opening line, remember to stay away from trite, boring clichés - unless you want your adult dating profile to remain a lonely, quiet place.

The above-mentioned opening lines lack mystery and originality. Remember that you are competing against thousands of singles. You have to create an opening line that gets their attention and makes people take notice.

Successful Catchy Opening Lines

An opening line should attract and draw someone to you through mystique and excitement.  Here are hot, catchy opening lines that are a sure-fire hit:

“As hot and Italian as a Ferrari”

“Just what the doctor ordered”

“Rub me, and I will grant your three wishes!”

All of the above opening lines are creative and fun. An opening line that is successful should make someone want to click on your adult profile.

If you get stuck for ideas, you can look at other people’s opening lines for inspiration. Once you find one you like, try to mimic the same style and concept, while putting a spin on the headline to make it your own.

Also, an opening line can be used as a filter mechanism. For example, to save you energy and time, you may want to create an opening line that reads, “Italian stallion looking for long-legged beauty to take a ride in Sydney”.

To prompt an adult chat that sparks with fire, it is important to ensure that your adult dating profile reflects who you are.  Include your interests, preferences, and passions in your profile, while keeping your content fresh.  Changing your adult dating profile’s opening line at least twice a month will keep your profile original and spicy - and keep the clicks coming!